About Us

We exist to help create more SUCCESSFUL survivors of trauma

The bad news

There are over 3 million new reports of child abuse annually1.  There are an estimated 12 million former foster youth in the US today2.  When you consider the numbers of children abused, neglected, or abandoned who never enter foster care, the numbers of survivors are staggering.

More than 50% of former foster youth become homeless3.  Many wind up being sexually exploited, having a life of drugs, or engaging in criminal behavior just to survive.

It has been reported that the costs of homelessness, child welfare, indigent medical and mental health services, incarceration, and criminal behaviors is estimated at $24 billion annually.  And the costs of lost productivity and tax revenue are estimated at three times that amount4.


The good news

Many victims of childhood abuse not only survive, but thrive following their rough beginnings5.

Successful Survivors Foundation exists to help survivors of abuse succeed specifically because of what they’ve been through.   By mining the lessons from the pain and applying them to their lives, by learning work ethic, and by developing their positive character traits, survivors of childhood abuse can become Successful Survivors!