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Eliminating Distractions

What’s distracting you from your purpose? From your goals? Is it worth it? If so, could the distraction be part of your purpose? Is it teaching you? Refining you? If not, focus on your purpose and avoid the distraction. Eliminating Distraction #1:  Every night write the Top 3 things that you must get done tomorrow […]

“Unadoptable” = Unwanted and Unloved

When I was seven years old, I was labeled “unadoptable” by my county social worker. That was the day that my worst fears of never being rescued actually came true. I remember thinking, “It’s official. I am unwanted and unloved.” What prompted that label was a meeting with two ladies who came to meet me. […]

There May Come a Day …

Many people are estranged from someone. Birth mothers of adopted children, family members and friends who have had a falling out, spouses who have filed for divorce and the spouses and children left behind, grandparents and grandchildren whose divorced parents have left them separated from one another, children of parents who passed away too soon, […]

Prepare Yourself for Success

An excerpt from Succeed Because of What You’ve Been Through by Rhonda Sciortino Prepare yourself so that when opportunity comes along, you’re ready. In my case, I worked hard to learn how to type accurately over 100 words per minute and to take shorthand at about 120 words per minute. At the time that I […]

What’s Holding You Back

by Rhonda Sciortino, Author of Succeed Because of What You’ve Been Through, The Prayer That Covers It All, and Keys to Answered Prayer. If you aren’t living the kind of life you would like to live, what is holding you back from making a dramatic life change today? Is it that you’re too busy? You […]

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Too broken to be fixed

By Rhonda Sciortino, Author, Succeed Because of What You’ve Been Through “Too Broken to be Fixed” was the title of a workshop sponsored by a nationally recognized child advocacy organization. In the course of insuring homes and services for abused children over the past twenty-plus years, I’ve attended many conferences and myriad workshops with this […]

Changing the Bad News to Good

We all know the bad news—That half of the foster kids aging out of the system are likely to become homeless.1 That homeless kids are approached by traffickers (formerly known as pimps) typically within 48 hours of becoming homeless.2 That a high percentage of incarcerated felons report having been abused as kids.3 That the cycle […]