Foster Kids Need Computers!

Nowadays it’s nearly impossible for kids to do their homework without a computer. Internet research is part of required assignments. Many classes require that assignments are turned in electronically. Progress reports and recommendations for improvement are accessed online in addition to viewing grades.

Foster kids have so many disadvantages, without having the distinct and measurable educational disadvantage of not having their own computer. To access library computers, kids need to find a ride to the library. They often have to wait to use one of the computers. There is limited online access. And they cannot save their papers. Imagine laboring over a 500 word paper only to lose it because there was no auto-save feature on the computer.

In a step toward creating a more level the playing field, Successful Survivors Foundation, Inc. is partnering with the Orange County Department of Education Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program, Orange County Social Services Agency, Orange County Probation Department, and iFoster for this innovative and much needed campaign.

Your contributions can help support Foster Youth in the following ways:

  • Option 1: Your donation will purchase a computer through iFoster for a youth in foster care.  Each computer is equipped with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010; also included are tech support, data plan, online tutoring programs, and resources for college preperation and career planning.
  • Option 2: Your donation will be allocated to provide foster youth with miscellaneous expenses that may be needed and are not covered by other funds.  Some examples may include school enrichment activities and school supplies

For additional information, please contact Orange County Department of Education, Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program at 714-835-4909.

Please specify your donation below:

    • Option 1: Computer Fund:
      • To purchase a computer for an Orange County Foster Youth:

      • To purchase a computer for any Current or Former Foster Youth:

    • Option 2: Miscellaneous Fund