To break the cycle of poverty and abuse through life skills training, family education, and adoption, Successful Survivors Foundation has partnered with Saddleback Church of Lake Forest, California, to create the You Are Not an Accident Program.

This is a 9-month program that is provided free of charge to communities throughout theUnited States. The program will build bridges between churches, their local child welfare services, and the foster kids in their care. Foster teens aged 16 and up are invited to participate in this program, which introduces them to volunteers from local churches who will help them uncover the skills, talents, and abilities each teen has that will help him or her in the workplace.

Teens will graduate from the program with the skills needed to succeed in their relationships, their spiritual lives, their education, and their careers. They will have an understanding of how to be a good employee and why this is important.


  • Meets 3 hours once a month for 9 months
  • Number of volunteers needed must be at least equal to (but preferably greater than) the number of kids in the program.
  • All lesson plans and worksheets provided
  • Volunteer pre-training materials and guidelines provided
  • Suggestions for the best ways to approach the local child welfare department
  • All expected “takeaways” to provide to the local child welfare professionals
  • Phone support throughout the program

If you are interested in starting the You Are Not an Accident Program in your area, contact [email protected].