who and what


  • A coalition of survivors and allies who work with survivors of trauma (especially childhood trauma) and organizations that serve the vulnerable.

  • Passionate, powerful, professionals who give survivors a voice and platform, and we speak for those who cannot.

  • Believers in the value & purpose of every person.

  • Leaders that equip survivors to create successful lives through education, encouragement, empowerment.

  • Believers in the power of community.

  • Experienced creators of real success in healthy relationships, wellness, peace, joy, and financial sustainability.

  • People who want to help others do the same.

  • Honest, trustworthy, hard-working, and fun! 

  • Whether you are a survivor or an ally, we welcome YOU to join us.

Fists in Solidarity

Meet The Team

Diana Moshier

Diana Moshier 

Diana was an original member of the foundation as not only a survivor, but a successful one!  

Her passion is helping people from trauma find a safe place.  She fulfills this through her work as a knowledgeable, relatable, and authentic realtor.  She never fails to give voice and value to her relationships.

Diana is a licensed realtor in the state of California and loves to give voice to survivors nationally.  She uses her knowledge and experiences as channels of healing.

Rhonda Sciortino

Rhonda Sciortino

Rhonda founded the Successful Survivors Foundation in 2011.


  She believes fully in the vision and mission of the organization. She has lived her life modeling how survivors of childhood trauma and abuse can discover success. 


Though she is well-rounded in all sectors of the organization, Rhonda's focus is helping people create successful lives and fulfilling their purpose.


She is nationally known author, leader, speaker, and life-influencer!  She continues to play a vital role in all sectors of the foundation.


Amber Jewell,LMSW 
Executive Director

Amber is a successful survivor of severe childhood abuse and neglect.  She has wrap-around experience as a foster child, foster & adoptive parent, & master social worker.

Amber has a passion for advocacy on behalf of youth & adults that have been influenced by childhood trauma.  She believes concepts of knowledge, self-worth, and supportive plans-of-action are essential in healing intergenerational trauma.

As an author, advocate, & influencer, Amber hopes to create exponential, ripple effect in the lives and services of successful survivors.  

Jenny Christiansen

Jenny Christiansen
Life Coach

Jenny is a long-term influencer of Successful Survivors Foundation.

As an experienced educator, advocate, and life-coach, Jenny leads with wisdom and passion.  She is an advocate for victims of trafficking and has a passion for helping people find their authentic purpose and value.

Jenny excels at helping people understand themselves and the world around them in ways that help them create positive change.

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