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Helping Victims Become Survivors

This page provides specific opportunities to help others. Please do what you can, and encourage your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to do the same.

THIS is how we change the world together.

All of our programs require survivors to choose healthy, substance free lifestyles.

We teach survivors to mine the lessons from trauma and use them to create successful lives

Help A Survivor To Succeed Because Of What They've Been Through

The Succeed Because of What You've been Through online course helps survivors of abuse to mine the lessons out of what they've been through and apply those lessons (learned abilities, character traits, and coping skills) to create success on the job and in life.

If you can help young survivors to mine their lessons and create their success, invest in their lives here.

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Successful Survivors Teach survivors
Job Interview
Job Interview

Job Interview Assistance

Most young people who were raised in dysfunctional households don't have appropriate clothing for job interviews. The wrong outfit can diminish their chances of getting hired for a job that will allow them to become self-sufficient.

This program covers the cost of proper clothing for work. A job preparation online course is also available.

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Job Interview Assistance progrm
online courses

Help us create free, online, micro-learning, self-paced courses by successful survivors to help survivors

There are so many things that survivors of childhood trauma didn't learn. When you grow up in dysfunction, chaos and abuse, you aren't taught how to get along with others, how to amicably resolve conflict, how to properly conduct yourself, appropriate language and appearance, and so much more that are foundational to creating successful lives. 

Please help us raise the money to produce micro-learning courses that survivors can access at no charge  24/7/365 so that they can be the agents of their own uplift and have their chance at success.

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