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Survivors of Childhood Trauma are Most Vulnerable to Being Trafficked

People who are being trafficked, who are homeless, and

who are living in violent relationships often have one thing in common.

We can prevent these tragic outcomes.

Please watch this video by Successful Survivors Foundation founder,

Rhonda Sciortino, to find out what it is, and to learn what you can do about it.

Message to Survivors

join successful survivors

Dear victims of childhood trauma,
We see you. 
We hear you.
We have been where you are.
We want to help you.

Successful survivors of childhood trauma.

P.S. You are stronger, more resilient, and more resourceful than the average person. You survived. Now it's your time to thrive!

Check out Successful Survivors Podcast by us for us--nothing about us without us

You can help victims become successful survivors. Here's how


When you help survivors of childhood trauma, you improve your community

Love Is Action Community Initiative Logo.png

Through our Love Is Action Community Initiative, we can all help survivors of childhood trauma which helps to stop the cycles of

  • poverty

  • homelessness

  • child abuse

  • domestic violence

  • human trafficking

  • depression

  • addiction

  • suicide

  • teen pregnancy

  • and other societal ills

When we help survivors of trauma use their survival skills to create personal and professional success, we help our communities. Check it out here.

Check out what a group of neighbors in Las Vegas are doing to prevent child trafficking in their community. THIS IS LOVE IN ACTION!

our children are not for sale
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