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The “Quiet Quit” Creates Opportunities for Successful Survivors

We’ve been hearing a lot of the “Quiet Quit,” where employees show up and do the bare minimum on the job and continue to take their paycheck. These people are not helping make the lives of clients better or contributing to the bottom line profit of their employer. The decision to show up but not to work reduces the value that clients receive while adding burden to co-workers who do care about the work. These are usually the people who need those jobs and can’t risk getting fired.

It’s a privileged attitude that leads to eschewing work ethic and doing the bare minimum on the job. The people who can do that must have some safety net of family, money in the bank, or confidence that unemployment insurance will allow them to maintain their lifestyle.

There is an army of highly responsible people with good work ethic who want those jobs and who will work hard to add value to the companies that hire them. These are the people who show up early, stay late, and will work through lunch when necessary, often for nothing more than to hear someone say, “great job!

Who are these people?

We are the successful survivors of rough childhoods. We don’t have trust funds. What family we do have is typically not the supportive type. We are hard workers, we know the value of a dollar, and we are grateful for people who give us an opportunity.

Successful survivors often don’t identify as such. They often won’t come looking for a job because they are loyal to the people who have already employed them. It’s not difficult to find these people.

They’re the hardest working people you’ll find in the places where you do business. They do what they say they will do (or they’ll die trying). They sincerely want to help others--customers, co-workers, suppliers, and everyone else in their lives. They do whatever is necessary to meet deadlines. And they do everything they do with a good attitude.

If you want to hire someone who will pull their weight on the job, and then some, find a successful survivor of childhood trauma and offer them an opportunity that recognizes their talents and abilities and celebrates their good attitude and character traits. A bonus program or an opportunity for earned ownership will serve as mighty incentives. Then train them to do the job. They will make up for any lack of experience with hard work, a willing spirit and loyalty to the mission and vision of you company.

Rhonda Sciortino is the founder of Successful Survivors Foundation and the national champion of our Love Is Action Community Initiative.

Rhonda is living proof that it is possible to succeed, not despite childhood trauma, but specifically because of it. Survivors of child abuse are strong, resilient, resourceful, courageous, determined people with indefatigable spirit and a burning desire to prove our worth and value and to help other survivors.

Millions of people fail to reach their full potential. They feel “stuck” in unhappy relationships or they struggle on the job and financially. Some have experienced so much adversity that they’ve lost hope of improving their situations. Many want to improve their lives, but simply do not know how.
Successful Survivors is an “easy read” that provides compelling, relatable stories that emphasize the eight key elements of strength and character that anyone can use to overcome adversity and create personal and professional success.


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